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4D Technology’s dynamic interferometers have been enabling space-based optical innovation for over 20 years.
The PhaseCam and AccuFiz SWIR interferometers have been used to test optical systems for dozens of space missions and payload satellites, developing numerous innovations to ensure the quality of these optics and to ensure that they will handle the extreme demands of space.
4D’s systems provide highly accurate measurement of surface figure and transmitted wavefront error, for focal and afocal optics, aspheres, optical systems and telescopes, prisms, corner cubes, etc. The large aperture of the AccuFiz is convenient for fast measurements of optical components. The fully on-axis PhaseCam, excels at measuring low return systems and measuring aspheric optics using a CGH.
• Optical components and systems
• Surface shape and wavefront error
• Real-time system alignment
• Vibration and turbulence immune
• Portable, compact, lightweight design
• Measure at wavelength: VISIBLE – NIR – SWIR – MWIR – LWIR

WEBSITE: http://www.4dtechnology.com

LINKEDIN: www.linkedin.com/in/4d-technology-2928b51

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