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C-CORE is an agile remote sensing company that supports the smallsat sector by providing Arctic ground station services, SAR calibration transponders, development of remote sensing applications, and operational services based on satellite data.

C-CORE’s two ground stations are located in the Canadian Arctic and high North for incredible access to polar orbiting satellites. Our innovative business model provides our clients with collaborative applications research and development leading to operational services that expand the market for satellite operator data streams.

Since 1975, C-CORE has been solving complex challenges for natural resource sector clients, civil and defence government organizations, aerospace companies, and space agencies. Our services range from defence and security applications for maritime surveillance, ice hazards and environment monitoring for climate change impact assessments, and oil spills/GHG emissions monitoring for a cleaner planet. We provide increased market access for our clients.

WEBSITE: http://www.c-core.ca

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/c-core/mycompany/?viewAsMember=true

X: @ccore1975

Event Contacts

Name Desmond Power
Title Vice President, Remote Sensing
Email des.power@c-core.ca
Tel 709-864-8353
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