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Hera Systems is redefining the standards of performance in small satellites to empower critical missions in defense and security, such as the Tetra-5 constellation we are building for Space Systems Command and AFRL: the Tetra-5 GEO mission will demonstrate Space Domain Awareness, Rapid Inspection and Refueling.
We focus a wealth of government and commercial experience on innovative patented designs, agile development and rapid deployment. Our smart bus and platform products are driving the transition of key Space infrastructure to smallsat-based solutions.

Our Leoness™ Smart Bus incorporates unique features to address specific challenges of Contested Space, including Rapid Deployment, Resilient Power and Communications systems supporting Trusted Autonomy in constellations from VLEO to GEO and beyond. Leoness is the foundation for custom solutions for a range of mission applications, including Space Domain Awareness, Proximity Operations and Earth Observation.
Our multi-patented AudaxSR™ Smart EO solution incorporates advanced proprietary optical payloads integrated with massive AI-driven on-board processing to deliver real-time intelligence fully customizable for specific missions in defense and security.

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