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Leaf Space operates and continues to develop a solid and reliable distributed ground station infrastructure for a world where Space is for everyone, up there to be discovered and explored with small, versatile and cost-effective Smallsats. Our unique concept is focused on creating satellite telecommunications as-a-service, in order to assist clients with their satellite operations by managing and procuring the entire ground segment system through a complete set of services, including timeshared access to ground, customize telecommunication solutions, ground station procurement, consultancy and backup services. The outsourcing strategy for communications significantly reduces cost and development time for any Smallsat operator who relies on us, turning ground segment into a predictable recurring cost.

WEBSITE: https://leaf.space/

LINKEDIN: https://it.linkedin.com/company/leaf-space

X: https://twitter.com/leaf_space

Event Contacts

Name Giovanni Pandolfi Bortoletto Sara Lissoni
Title CSO and CO-Founder Leaf Space Marketing and Communication Manager
Email giovanni.pandolfi@leaf.space sara.lissoni@leaf.space
Cell +390236714625