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The Space Flight Laboratory (SFL) builds smaller satellites for bigger return at low cost. SFL is Canada’s most prolific satellite builder and exporter of satellites internationally. Small satellites built by SFL consistently push the performance envelope and disrupt the traditional cost paradigm. Satellites are built with advanced power systems, stringent attitude control and high data capacity that are striking relative to the budget. SFL arranges launches globally and maintains a mission control center accessing ground stations worldwide. SFL’s mandate is to lower the entry barrier for organizations around the world to meet their needs in space while requiring modest investment. Commercial business models are sensitive to cost and SFL solutions allow businesses to close financial models for new satellite services. The pioneering and barrier breaking work of SFL is a key enabler to tomorrow’s cost aggressive satellites and constellations.

WEBSITE: http://www.utias-sfl.net

X: www.twitter.com/SFL_SmallerSats

Event Contacts

Name Dr. Robert E. Zee Freddy M. Pranajaya
Title Director, SFL Deputy Director, Innovation
Email info@utias-sfl.net info@utias-sfl.net
Tel 416-667-7400 416-667-7400