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Tech Brief: Orbital Debris: Situational Awareness, Collision Avoidance, and Debris Mitigation

Short Agenda
  • The growing magnitude of the orbital debris problem
  • Situational  awareness
    • Systems and tracking capabilities
    • Satellite Self situational awareness – Can it work? but what  are the knock on effects
    • Operational  satellites/systems vs Junk ( debris and dead satellites – everything becomes junk!)
  • Collision avoidance
    • Passive avoidance – Mission planning and orbit selection 
    • Active avoidance – use satellite attitude control  to highly effective maneuvering thrusters 
    • Automation of Avoidance  – it is already here
      • A Cautionary Tale –  cyber security autonomous or manual orbital/ephemeris change – intentionally deorbiting or causing collisions
  • Debris Mitigation
    • Regulatory actions for  mission planning  and controlled satellite end-of-life
    • Active Debris removal – concepts and  funded efforts
  • Conclusion 

Market Brief