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Aaron Hawkins, Director, RTE Ground Service

Aaron Hawkins is the Director for Viasat’s Real-Time Earth (RTE) Ground-Station-as-a-Service (GSaaS) business area and the strategic partnership manager. In those roles, Aaron is charged with enabling the network’s global expansion, building alliances, and developing innovative win-win solutions to enhance RTE customer success. He has overseen the expansion of RTE from two sites in 2019, to a global network of S/X/Ka-band antenna systems supporting missions from EO-imagery and SAR to orbital debris removal and Optical ISL demonstrations for commercial and government satellite operators.

Aaron has 20 years of experience in defense and aerospace earned through careers in the government and private industry. He started his professional career as a national security representative in the executive branch of the United States government. For over a decade, he served in various domestic and overseas assignments focused on confronting transnational crime through engagement with allied partners, often times incorporating geospatial solutions. Following his service, Aaron joined Viasat as a Director of International Business Development for Earth Observation antenna systems, provided training and consulting within the U.S. government, and since 2019 has led revenue generation, strategic alliance, and network growth in the RTE ground service business area.

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