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Carie Mullins, Director of Analytics

Carie Mullins is the Director of Analytics for BryceTech with over 25 years’ experience analyzing and forecasting space markets, advanced technologies, and systems for NASA, the military, and commercial space industry. She has analyzed industry trends and systems to create customized forecast models projecting demand for launch, satellite, and hyper/supersonic point-to-point travel. Carie has also analyzed commercial markets for on-orbit servicing and manufacturing, advanced communications and navigation, LEO platforms, and lunar rovers. She has studied and analyzed technologies for in-space propulsion, autonomous systems and robotics, advanced technologies for life support systems, in-situ resource utilization, and advanced manufacturing. She is a technology forecasting expert, having led a retrospective analysis of technology forecasting to determine the most accurate forecasting methods and timeframes. Carie received her B.S. and M.S. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh.

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