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Hanna Steplewska, President & COO
Cognitive Space

Hanna is passionate about building exceptionally performing teams and businesses which will propel us into a multi-planetary economy. She combines her her technical Earth observation background, 25+ years of international business experience and her training in the neuroscience of attention to unlock new opportunities for the space economy.

Hanna is currently focused on enabling AI-driven satellite constellation operations at scale, while growing Cognitive Space from Seed to IPO by building a world-class operations team.

With business experience that spans the US, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, Hanna has worked with
stealth startups, multinational conglomerates, public and private companies, and civilian and military
government agencies across the globe. Her roles have spanned operations, channel management, sales
and business development roles in high resolution satellite imaging, satellite access and ground segment
hardware sales, space launch services and launch vehicle component manufacturing.
Hanna’s prior appointments include multinational operations and senior business development roles at
Mynaric, the late Paul Allen’s Stratolaunch, RUAG Space USA, Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic / Virgin
Orbit, Maxar, GeoEye and Space Imaging.

Hanna’s professional development includes studies at the International Space University and Stanford
University Graduate School of Business. She holds a Master of Science degree in Oceanography with a
specialization in Remote Sensing & Satellite Oceanography.

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