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ANYWAVES develops revolutionary space antennas that combine performance and compactness. Based on a breakthrough technology & an expert team, ANYWAVES designs & manufactures according to space standards a new generation of high quality antennas, on demand or off-the-shelf.

We offer a range of TT&C, Data Downlink and GNSS antennas perfectly designed to answer the satellite constellations market’s needs.
We are also able to cover your spatial missions specific needs by developing custom antennas : high gain antennas (payload telemetry, inter-satellite link, telecommunications, etc.), wide band antennas (spectrum surveillance, GNSS, LEO PNT, etc.) or any other type of antennas and applications (integrated antennas, active antennas, etc.).

WEBSITE: http://www.anywaves.com

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/anywaves-activities/

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