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DcubeD (Deployables Cubed GmbH) will help you to think outside the box with their actuators and deployables specifically designed for New Space, NanoSat and SmallSat applications.

DcubeD (Deployables Cubed GmbH), the Munich based new space company, develops mechanisms, actuators (nano DcubeD Pin Puller -nD3PP, nano DcubeD Release Nut – nD3RN, and others) and deployables (100W 1U NanoSat Solar Array, DcubeD Space Selfie Stick – D3S3, Deployable Booms, and others) specifically designed and developed with the need of our customers in mind. We produce off-the-shelf components which can be obtained with short lead teams and at scale.

Company Website: http://www.dcubed.space