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GSOA is the only global non-profit association of the entire satellite ecosystem that brings members together and serves as the premier platform for worldwide collaboration. As the only CEO-driven satellite association in the world, GSOA takes the lead in addressing global challenges, seizing opportunities, and providing a unified voice for the satellite industry.
Our vision is to help policymakers improve the state of the world by continuously bridging digital, education, health, social, gender and economic divides across diverse geographies and across mature and developing economies.
Satellite-enabled services enrich the daily life of millions of people around the globe for decades, by broadcasting news and events worldwide, by cost-effectively providing satellite-powered broadband to consumers in the air, at sea and on land as well as providing cellular services to Mobile Network Operators (MNO) in urban, suburban, and rural locations. Together, we connect millions of people and devices for the benefit of consumers, institutions, businesses, and governments.

Company Website: https://gsoasatellite.com/