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Since 1969, Haigh-Farr has been providing innovative antenna solutions from concept to creation. We specialize in mission critical antennas and support equipment for the defense, aerospace and commercial industries worldwide. Our antennas are utilized on high-performance aerospace vehicles, as well as in military airborne applications including missiles, aircraft, launch vehicles, satellites, interplanetary missions and manned space programs. We have the unique ability to leverage our years of experience creating custom solutions to develop cost-effective designs to meet our customers’ specifications.

Haigh-Farr’s entirely captive modeling/simulation, analysis, design, manufacturing and test capabilities enable us to provide the lowest overall cost solutions while ensuring that your stringent quality and schedule requirements are met.
Haigh-Farr has a proven track record providing reliable high performance antenna solutions from concept to creation. Please stop by our booth to discuss your application and see what unique solutions we can offer.

WEBSITE: http://www.haigh-farr.com

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